facebook trick

If you still don’t know by now, Facebook allows you to tag people in wall posts. While typing a wall post, simply type the character ‘@’. Then begin typing your friend’s name. A drop-down list will appear, allowing you to select your friend’s name to add to your wall post. Once published, your friend will be notified that they have been tagged, and a copy of your wall post will also appear on their wall.

However, you can’t tag yourself! You’ll notice that your own name is missing from the list of friends. But I’ve found a way to give yourself a tag.

Simply use the following code:


Where userid is your Facebook ID number, and blablabla can be anything you want – it won’t make a difference. To find your Facebook ID number, open your profile page and it should be in the location bar – it’s a long string of numbers. If you’ve selected a user name for your Facebook account, just click on your profile picture and you should be able to get your Facebook ID from the location bar.

I’ve been trying it out and it doesn’t seem to let you do anything fancy, besides putting a link to your own profile in your wall posts. If you guys try it out and find some use for it, please share it here!


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