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turn firefox into hackerfox

With the ability to add extensions, Mozilla Firefox is one of the most flexible browsers around. Today, we’ll be discussing HackBar, one of the many add-ons available for Firefox.

First things first, you can get HackBar from Mozilla’s site directly, through this link:

What does HackBar do? Well, the main purpose of HackBar is to provide you with an easy interface to test out SQL injection techniques. HackBar provides many shortcuts such as converting strings into their CHAR() equivalents in MySQL, one-click encrypting to MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and ROT13, encoding and decoding of URLs, etc.

I’ve found the encoding and decoding of URLs to be especially useful. Some addresses are URL encoded, and it makes it hard to decipher the exact content. With HackBar, you can click the ‘Load URL’ button to load the current URL into HackBar’s text box, then click URL decode to decode the URL and give you the address in plain text.

Another useful feature is the MySQL union select statement. It’s a one-click solution that gives you the union select for as many columns as you specify. Definitely a real time-saver when there are lots of columns, as you no longer need to type every single one manually.

For those who are interested in security audits, HackBar is one tool that you want to have.