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a sweet love story

I met her on the net, how?
I can’t remember, but it seems to me that it is this ‘little theory’ which I declared in the cyberspace that caught her attention.

“If I have a million dollars, I would buy a house. Do I have a million?”
“No. That’s why I don’t have a house.”
“If I have wings, I can fly. Do I have wings?”
“No. So I can never fly.”
“If all the waters are drawn out of Pacific Ocean, but it still can’t put off the flame of love between us. Can all the waters of Pacific Ocean be drawn off?”
“No. That’s why I don’t love you.”
That’s me, a typical science student. First, you come up with an assumption, then you fit a suitable conclusion.

If the proposed assumption doesn’t stand at all, then everything is just bullshit. I guess this is what they call ‘unromantic’.
But she is an exception. She actually mailed me and said that I am an ‘interesting’ person.
‘Interesting・ What a word to use on me, it’s like using ‘faithful’ on Mr. Clinton. I thought this gal must be a low-IQ organism, or suffering from serious brain damage.

Anyway, her nick doesn’t seems so bad
That’s quite a unique one.
But I was warning myself: Hello, this is the virtual world of Internet. Who knows what might be lurking behind a beautiful nick.
Talking from experience, most of the time it will be a ‘dinosaur’ in disguise, the only differences will be whether it is a carnivore or a herbivore. But, I know she is way different from a ‘dinosaur’, she is special.

So I guess its time for the appearance of FlyNDance…

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